Propane Chillers

Propane Chiller
Propane Chiller

Propane Chiller Service, Maintenance and Repair

Zero Global Warming Potential

We aim to offer the best propane chiller service maintenance and repair available. Propane or R290 is a natural refrigerant with a zero global warming potential. It is a highly flammable refrigerant, so repairs are carried out by our propane trained engineers


All propane chiller service & maintenance is carried out in accordance with our site-specific Risk Assessment/ Method Statement. You can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of trained professionals in this specialist field of the industry!

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Hydrocarbon Chiller Service, Maintenance and Repair

Propylene or Propane?

Propylene R1270

We provide R1270 hydrocarbon chiller service to low and medium temperature applications

Propane R290

This refrigerant is often used for medium temperatures

HFC Phase Out

Hydrocarbons have become popular due to the HFC phase down. A hydrocarbon chiller is commissioned away from electrical sources of ignition. In the event of a leak, it has a leak detection system which shuts down the plant. Fans come on to disperse the refrigerant. Studies show a significant saving in service of this kind of chiller as opposed to other natural refrigerants. That is not to say hydrocarbons are better than CO2 and ammonia- it all depends on the application

Hydrocarbon Chiller Service
Hydrocarbon Chiller Service

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Case Study for Propane Chillers

We recently swapped out an electronic expansion valve on a propane chiller. With a specialist pump out unit and the spark free procedure- we decanted the refrigerant. Purging with nitrogen we then removed the EEV. More purging and time to light up, fitting the new one with no issues

Why Choose Us for Propane Chillers?

A reliable propane chiller service company that is easy to deal with. We aim to reduce call outs and breakdowns through regular maintenance. A chiller gets younger the more exposure it has to one of our engineers

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

What We Offer for Propane Chillers

State of the art propane chiller equipment. We have dispersal fans, intrinsically safe equipment and special propane pump out units

Seasoned Engineers. When it comes to working with flammable refrigerants- only the best engineers will do. We source them through a careful interviewing process, then they are trained for the job Read More

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